Alleged UFO ‘Mothership’ Filmed in North Carolina

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Video of an alleged UFO sighting in North Carolina has surfaced online, prompting speculation of possible military testing of experimental aircraft – and aliens, of course. The sighting took place in Columbus, a small town in western North Carolina with a population of around 1,000. The video shows a v-shaped formation of bright lights hovering silently in the night sky, similar to the infamous Phoenix Lights which appeared over Arizona in 1997. Is this a genuine sighting, or could nearby Armed Forces bases be up to their usual tricks?

The Phoenix Lights remain among the most widespread mass sightings in UFO history.

The five-minute video was uploaded to YouTube on April 3rd by the “UFO Institute” channel, and MUFON has recorded the incident in its database. In the video, two pairs of lights are visible on either side of a brighter central pair, all of which appear to hover together in a v-formation. “Whatever it is, it seems to be dropping,” says an unidentified man filming the clip. “I’d like to know what the heck those six lights are.” Me too, buddy. Me too. Unfortunately, with only one eyewitness and one dark video to go on, it’s doubtful we ever will.

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