Artificial Intelligence is More than “Just a Technology”

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SoftBank, which already runs the largest tech investment fund, wants a new one that’s double the…
SoftBank already controls a $100 billion tech investment fund-now it wants one twice.

There is simply no turning back.

Everyone needs to understand artificial intelligence and integrate discussion about AI into their own particular area of expertise.

But are we doing enough?

When I attend conferences and events, I get the feeling that the answer to this question is: No, we aren’t doing enough.

Let me explain by sharing my experience of conferences and other events.

Conferences as a Unique Platform to Discuss AI

It is always great to speak at conferences.

I love to engage with other participants and share my experiences and insights about the impact of the digital revolution on the world.

Even in a digital age, the experience of having face-to-face engagement with an international audience adds tremendous value.

This is particularly true when personal experiences are shared or predictions about the future are made. Such presentations can be inspiring and motivating, and cannot easily be replaced by other forms of communication.

Conferences are a unique opportunity to make you think, encourage dialogue with other participants and spur creativity.

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