Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Phantom Bases

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Schneider would go on to describe the layout of the base in great detail, saying it had 7 levels and was a joint operation between the United States government and extraterrestrials. According to Schneider, the base had thousands of aliens living there, where they were allowed to experiment on humans in secrecy in exchange for pieces of advanced technology and peace. Eerily, the base also supposedly had an underground subway system running between it and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which has its own mythology of conspiracy theories as well. Another supposed former employee at the base was a man named Thomas Costello, who claimed to have been a security guard there and that he seen horrific experiments carried out on both humans and aliens alike first hand during his tenure at the facility. According to an article by Mike Rothschild on Dulce Base from Skeptoid:

Castello added depth and detail to the existing story, telling of underground caves occupied for centuries by reptoids, caves that were taken over by the RAND Corporation for use by the New World Order to create biological weapons. The former guard spoke of fleets of alien ships stored at Los Alamos, human/alien hybrid cloning, his arguments with a cranky reptoid leader named “Khaarshfashst” and a vast system of tunnels running under the entire country.

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