Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Phantom Bases

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All manner of stories have been laid on the alleged base ever since, such as that it is ground zero for an interstellar war and that there has even been a shoot-out between humans and aliens on the premises. Schneider would eventually develop cancer, which he claimed to have contracted from an alien weapon during the incident, and committed suicide in 1996. Considering these rather far-fetched claims, the fact that all of our information on the alleged base comes from three possibly mentally troubled people, the sense of a detachment from reality to the whole tale, and the fact that there doesn’t actually seem to be any evidence at all of anything approaching what is described going on at Archuleta Mesa, there has understandably been quite a lot of skepticism aimed at the existence of the Dulce Base, and it is largely completely left to the imagination.

Just about as bonkers as the mythology of Dulce Base is the tale of a top secret government facility purportedly lying under the McCarran International Airport, in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to an elaborate report from a Reddit user named Blue_KeyCard, the infamous and mysterious Area 51 is merely a front and distraction from where the real secret experiments are being conducted, deep down in the bowels of the earth beneath McCarran Airport. The mysterious base itself, which is apparently called NEXUS, is described as a massive, labyrinthine complex deep down under the airport, where it remains hidden partly because the airport drowns out any suspicious sounds from it and city of Las Vegas consumes so much power that it its own immense power consumption doesn’t look suspicious.

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