Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Phantom Bases

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McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

Within the NEXUS base, there are claimed to be four distinct sections called “Hives.” According to the witness, Hive 1 is for “finance, accounting, operations/organization divisions, troop training/housing, and some small-scale weapons testing.” Next is Hive 2, which is for “Chemical engineering, some nano-tech research, and advanced psychological fitness,” then Hive 3 with its bioweapon and disease research and testing of “advanced space-travel and space-warfare technologies, particle engines and gravitational beams,” as well as research into inter-dimensional anomalies, and finally the sinister and terribly mysterious Hive 4, which is apparently kept in a “total information blackout.” In this place clearance is especially limited, and there is seemingly no communication at all with the outside world. Even more ominous is that the facility supposedly harbors what the witness calls possibly “the most terrifying thing in the world,” which he explains thus:

Another thing I’ve read minimally about are “the twins.” I don’t know who or what these are, but they’re the “above-top-secret” gem of Hive 4. It is treasonous to even correspond about them on our secure networks unless you are cleared to do so, and only four employees are. I’ve only seen a few things about them. One was a medical record. No vitals, unusual vocalizations that manifest hallucinations and psychosis in nearby employees, and skin that produces violent nausea when touched. The document was basically speculation that the skin functions much like the Australian stinging tree or a jellyfish.
I read documents about people who worked with them as well. In 4, a woman was remanded to the psychological ward after being in the same room with them, and a soldier who stood outside of the laboratory where they are kept basically killed himself. Specifically, he peeked inside during a routine access, then began bashing his own brains out with the butt of a pistol while singing an Irish folksong. The woman who was remanded to psych was even weirder: during breakfast with her colleagues, she grabbed a fork, stood up, walked out of the mess hall, stripped all of her clothes off, blinded herself in both eyes, then somehow managed to make her way all the way up to Floor 1 where the access corridor to Hive 3 is located. How she managed to operate the dozens of keycard readers, passcode boxes, and retinal scanners is still under review. Last email regarding her was sent in 2012, about how she sits in the dark of solitary on Floor 11’s psych ward with a permanent and blissful grin on her face.
One of my colleagues whom I trust told me that he saw the twins once through hacked access to a video feed. He said they are woman-like, about twice as tall as a full-grown man, with unidentifiable black growths dangling from their heads (like hair but thicker), and they basically float a few inches off the ground and drag their toes lightly as they move. They’re utterly pale. He never saw the faces, but he claims that they appear to distort reality (or at least the video feed) in such a way that space looks bent around them.

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