Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Phantom Bases

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He found a severed head and claims to have pictures of some of this stuff.
 Caller reported that he is 60, not crazy and doesn’t do drugs. 
He said he had already called the ‘office at the lake’, but he didn’t know if those people were turning the other cheek or maybe those people have been paid off.

Wait, what? Flesh eating aliens? Severed heads? What in the world? The witness claimed he didn’t do drugs, so there’s that, I guess. Besides its sheer insanity, this account is somewhat curious in that there are others who have claimed that a base lies in the same vicinity as well. Former US Air Force Intelligence Officer George A. Filer has said that he was contacted by a man named Scott Heckman, who spoke of a base in the same area. The witness claimed that the area was a hotbed of UFO activity, as well as unexplained disappearances, and said thus:

The most major base that I have been able to follow the craft towards is located in the Tonto National Forest.
I discovered this while camping in the Sierra Ancha Wilderness.
The UFOs kept flying down into the basin two minutes apart. They flew low, out of the southeast at about two thousand feet above the terrain.
 During the daytime A-10s use the area for training. Re-fueling practice also occurs here both day and night.
These areas have also been plagued with several unexplained disappearances that have occurred in Cochise County over the last 30 years.
Cars are abandoned with people’s ID; money and keys left behind.
Their occupants are mysteriously missing, never to be seen again.

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