Bizarre Accounts of Mysterious Phantom Bases

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Information on one extremely weird supposed base was relayed to me personally by the anonymous contact calling himself Molten13, who I have written of here at Mysterious Universe before. This mysterious individual claimed to me that there were several bases lying under the deserts of Nevada and New Mexico, where he alleges he worked as what I suspect was some sort of security post. Molten13 claimed that the base was used for all manner of strange experiments including mental powers, mind control, inter-dimensional travel, teleportation, time travel, genetic experimentation, and apparently even individuals with unique powers, such as “guys who can walk through walls.” According to this source there was even supposedly seemingly an extraterrestrial kept in some sort of suspended animation down in a bio-containment unit.

All of this was described as research that mankind was not ready for, and supposedly took place down in a self-sufficient base hidden away even from the upper echelons of the government. According to Molten13, there was some sort of security breach at one point in which he suspects that something escaped out into the Nevada wilds. He claimed that whatever this was, it confronted me personally in a bizarre encounter I had at around the same time, which I have written of here before. I have come to the conclusion that this is most likely just a hoax and someone yanking my chain, and Molten13 has disappeared, with not even my article about him drawing him back out. Nevertheless, it is an incredibly far-out tale, and you can read more about it in my article on the incident here.

It is impossible to know how much truth any of these wild stories have, and considering their tenuous nature of being based on hearsay and rumors with no real evidence, there is no way to prove them or disprove them, keeping them firmly in the domain of speculation and the imagination. However, regardless of whether any of these secret bases and others like them exist or not, they still serve to be intriguing and entertaining, and show that such conspiracy theories have a tenacious ability to stubbornly continue to sprout up and spread. Is this all fiction, the product of disillusioned minds, hoaxes, or somehow rooted in reality? We will probably never know for sure, but these bases certainly do exist in conspiracy mythology.

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