Building a Strong Portfolio As a Developer

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Most importantly, your portfolio should express your style and personality as a developer. Once again, portfolios are all about demonstrating your technical skills, and creativity as a developer.

In addition to the components above, a strong developer portfolio should also have the following:

  • Responsive design: As more and more websites and consumers go mobile, so should you! Dig up your knowledge of media queries, and make sure your portfolio site is mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Custom web URL: Just as your portfolio is an expression of your personal style, so should your URL. Keep it professional, and it is highly recommended to purchase your own custom domain. Read down below in ‘Portfolio Resources’ for some suggested domain name sites.
  • A limited number of clicks: Portfolios don’t have to be complex, multi-page applications – nor should they be. When designing your portfolio, put yourself in the shoes of your viewers, and make sure the most critical information (projects, contact information) is only a couple of clicks away!
  • Appealing visual design and layout: If you don’t have the designers eye, or simply don’t want to spend the time hard-coding a portfolio layout – that is okay! There are hundreds of free templates on the web. An important note if you are using a free template: try to still somehow customize the layout/template, whether it’s changing the colors, header image, or page layout. Still make it your own, while giving credit to the original creator.
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