Conspiracies, Mysteries, and Monsters of Chernobyl

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A still from the “Chernobyl Zombies” video

While death is a common theme running through the Chernobyl area, for some it has become a symbol of life, and for at least one unusual group of people eternal life. According to the website Vice, in the aftermath of the disaster, a group of survivors, along with some scientists and engineers, made their way to a tiny rocky island at the southernmost point of Europe of Greece called Gavdos, in order to start anew and according to some reports to pursue life everlasting. In addition to living a simple life off of the land, the ragtag group of refugees are said to be involved with pursuing experiments and research into immortality within makeshift laboratories, as well as the use of ancient secrets, mystical esoteric practices, and magical philosophies to help them along in their quest, and they have erected a temple on the island called The Temple of Apollo.

The eccentric group has ignited numerous conspiracy theories and a good amount of myths and speculation as to their true motives, which continues on to this day. The really interesting part is that, far from being a bunch of loons, they count among their ranks several prominent scientists, and rumors of their activities have been so persistent that the Russian government has even investigated them. One Norwegian documentary filmmaker named Yiorgos Moustakis has studied the strange group of inhabitants and said of them:

Many urban legends surrounded this group. Some thought that they came to this island to get cured from radiation. Others were saying that they are spies working for the KGB or CIA, working on a top-secret program. Most of these stories were told by people who had already met them and had seen their constructions around the island.

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