Conspiracies, Mysteries, and Monsters of Chernobyl

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When the deadly disaster actually hit, there were other reports from teams that claimed these mysterious forces were in the midst of toning down the effects, creating incredibly drops in the amount of radiation released and an overall curbing of negative effects. There have been plenty of people who have claimed that the radiation levels were nowhere near as devastating as they very well should have been, so is there anything to this?  Did these visitors step in to intervene in a major crisis? If so why did they do it and where do they come from? No one knows.

This is all certainly a lot to take in, and these bizarre accounts run the gamut from the slightly unsettling to the downright outlandish. It all certainly shows that the Chernobyl disaster led to more than just the cost of human life and the heavy toll on the environment. It also has gone on to become a wellspring of tales of the bizarre, mysterious, and supernatural. Whether we ever know the answers or not, the forsaken wasteland of Chernobyl is a place of ghosts and phantoms, both figurative and perhaps literal as well.

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