Conspiracies, Mysteries, and Monsters of Chernobyl

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According to Grossman, the whole area around Chernobyl was a military site designed to detect enemy missiles and launch their own, all ready to be fully activated in the event of a war. He believes that the CIA caught wind of this and went about sabotaging the Chernobyl plant in order to take out the threat. It is all rather far-out, and presented in the documentary with its share of dramatic flair and ominous music, but Grossman apparently was given quite liberal access to the site by the Russian government, so it makes one wonder what kinds of things he managed to dig up there and whether any of his allegations could be at least partially true. However, would the U.S. government orchestrate the horrific suffering that this disaster entailed just to take out such an installation? It is hard to say.

In addition to human monsters linked to the Chernobyl disaster are the more literal ones, and there have been many reports of mutated creatures and abominations said to prowl these irradiated wastelands. It makes sense that such rumors should arise, as the public tends to equate high levels of radiation with bizarre mutations, and this is the bread and butter of many a science fiction tale. Some of the very real mutations that have been documented and witnessed at Chernobyl are dramatic and horrific birth defects in some animals, as well as some behavioral changes in some populations, some specimens of which are on display at the Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum, but what of even more pronounced aberrations? Are there irradiated mutant monsters prowling this area?

Ever since the disaster there have been sporadic reports of outsized wildlife roving about these badlands, as well as monster fish cruising through the depths of the lakes and rivers here. Notable are the various reports of massive fish allegedly caught here which are said to be far beyond the normal sizes of their species. The phenomenon was most famously brought to public attention when Jeremy Wade, star of the popular Animal Planet TV show River Monsters, travelled there to fish its waters in search of the elusive creatures. Wade received special permission to enter the disaster zone and ventured to the Chernobyl area to try his hand at trying to catch one of the monstrous, outsized mutated catfish said to prowl the cooling channels of the Chernobyl reactor, armed with sophisticated radiation monitor devices.

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