Conspiracies, Mysteries, and Monsters of Chernobyl

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Throughout the episode, Jeremy’s radiation detecting equipment goes off the charts numerous times, warning him of dangerous levels of radiation, but he soldiers on, catching various fish that are most definitely not noticeably deformed in any way, although probably saturated with radiation. The main catch was a relatively large catfish that seemed otherwise in all respects normal looking, but which proved to be in actuality a stunted individual only 50% of what it should have been at its advanced age. Spookily, radiation tests of the fish showed that it was dripping with the stuff, to the point that it was completely inedible. It is not really evidence of the monster fish reported from the area, but does show that the environment has been altered by radiation to the point that such tales might have a tenuous basis in fact.

An incredibly weird report started to make the rounds in the 1990s, and seems to point to some sort of giant mutant spider. The tale starts with the discovery of an unidentified man slumped over dead within a bleak, dilapidated tower block. The man was allegedly found sprawled out in an elevator, and an examination of the corpse found that there were two, yellowish blue bruised puncture marks to the neck and that it was a rather unearthly shade of pale. When the corpse was brought in to be examined, it was found that the cause of death had been an extreme amount of blood loss, with the body practically sucked dry, yet no sign of bloodstains had been found in the vicinity of the body when it had been found. There were also found no signs of foul play or forced entry. The story allegedly immediately caught on among the local residents of the tower block, who began to speak of some foul vampire killer on the loose, a rumor which authorities were eager to squash.

The rumors of some sort of vampire on the loose continued to swirl, and the panic increased until one month after the first killing residents of the apartment block heard the frantic screams of a girl emanating from the elevator and contacted the police. Horrified authorities would discover the corpse of a 13 year-old girl trapped within an elevator that was stuck between the 4th and 5th floors of the building. Once again, the body of the girl was found drained of blood, and with bruised, yellowed puncture marks on her breast. Eerily, it was the very same elevator that the previous victim had been found in.

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