Conspiracies, Mysteries, and Monsters of Chernobyl

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This second death reinvigorated rumors of a vampire killer, human or otherwise, and panicked residents shunned using the elevator. For their part, the authorities purportedly tried to downplay the incident, claiming that the girl had died of a heroin overdose despite the fact that no syringe had been found in the vicinity and that the victim’s parents denied that she had ever used drugs. Locals were unconvinced, and insisted that some maniac or supernatural creature was on the loose. In order to try and curb the sinister rumors, quell the growing unrest that the crimes were causing, and put everyone at ease, a detective and police sergeant were allegedly assigned to spend several days regularly riding up and down in the crime scene elevator at all hours.

It is said that on one such patrol the elevator suddenly stalled between the 5th and 6th floors and the lights went black, forcing the two men to use their flashlights. Even at this point, the policemen were not particularly alarmed, thinking that the very old elevator had just broken down and would be back in operation before long. They used their two-way radios to inform their colleagues of the development and waited for rescue. Apparently, the two men became alarmed when they heard an odd clicking noise from above them and trained there flashlights upwards to catch a glimpse of a dark square where a roof panel had become dislodged. It was from here that the strange sound was coming, and after a moment of training their flashlights on the hole they supposedly noticed a furry head about the size of a man’s fist peering in at them. The sergeant allegedly drew his weapon but was ordered not to fire yet, as the thing seemed to be cowering from the light.

In order to test out this theory, the detective allegedly turned off his flashlight and whatever it was shifted and moved, revealing itself to be an enormous spider with legs 3 feet long. This supposedly sent the sergeant into a panic and he dropped his flashlight, which went out. Now bathed in darkness, the creature is then said to have descended into the elevator and proceed to attack the sergeant, biting him over and over again until the detective managed get his flashlight back on and to fire off his weapon, scaring the creature away and allegedly shooting one of its legs off. According to the story, the emergency response team arrived to find the sergeant dead from blood loss and the spider’s leg quivering on the floor.

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