Conspiracies, Mysteries, and Monsters of Chernobyl

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In addition to strange animal life reported from the disaster zone, with so much death associated with this place there are bound to be a few ghost stories as well. The abandoned ruins of the Chernobyl area are dripping with reports of phantoms and shadowy figures prowling the wreckage of what once was. This might come as no surprise from spooked curiosity seekers picking through the gloomy remnants of the towns here, but one very interesting report comes from an actual nuclear physicist who visited the location in 1997. Physicist Andrei Kharsukov claimed that he had been poking around the perimeter of the gutted remains of Reactor 4 one morning taking radiation readings when he had a bizarre experience he would not soon forget. He would say of what happened thus:

I arrived at the abandoned power station at about 7:30 am. I proceeded directly to the Reactor Four sarcophagus where the explosion took place. I could not enter, due to the radiation. I stood by the entrance taking radiation and roentgen readings. I know no one could be inside the old reactor core, but I could hear very distinctly hear the sound of someone screaming for help, shouting that there was a fire inside. I ran upstairs to tell someone, but they said that when I entered the reactor control room, I was the first person to open that door in three years, and the only way to get inside the old reactor is through the doors I came in through. If someone had gone inside the reactor when I was not looking, they would have tripped an alarm that goes off when the reactor door is opened mechanically.

The reactor door requires a password and a handprint, yet someone, or something was inside. Later that evening, as we were eating dinner outside the building by the river next to the plant, a flood light turned on in the room of the installation. There was no way anyone could be inside. As we ate we figured there was a power surge or something. Then just as my colleague said that, the light turned off.

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