My Self-Created Artificial Intelligence Masters Degree

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Online learning was the clear winner in terms of flexibility. Being able to study at my own pace is a big plus. I slow down on the concepts I have trouble with and fast on everything else. I miss a deadline because of an unforeseen event? It’s on me. No one else.

Online learning is not all roses. What you gain in flexibility, you lose in actual human interactions. After a day of studying in front of my computer, results in me becoming an introverted zombie. I’m using local Meetups to compensate for this.

Online learning also doesn’t come with as much prestige as what would a university (yet). Some of the courses I’ve completed don’t provide a verified certificate. I’m not worried about that. My goal is to gain enough knowledge to put these technologies into practice and bring value to the world.

I’ll use what I build as proof of my capabilities rather than a certificate.

What I’ve spent so far

Instead of accumulating more student debt, I chose to use the money I would’ve spent on two years doing a Computer Science Masters towards funding my own learning journey.

To keep myself accountable, I’ll keep this Google Sheets document updated with what I’ve spent so far.

I’m paying for all of my courses up front. To do this, I drive Uber on the weekends. I’d like to spend this time sharing what I’ve learned. Your support on Patreon will help reduce the amount I need to drive Uber so I can spend that time creating.

What’s next?

You can consider this article a work-in-progress of my self-created AI Masters Degree curriculum. I’ll keep it updated as I go along with the courses I’m learning and the projects I’m working on.

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