New Documents Reveal Canadian Government’s Knowledge of UFOs

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Given all of the declassified files and recordings of unexplained aerial phenomena being made public in the United States, it’s no surprise that other countries including America’s closest neighbors would begin disclosing their own interest in or knowledge of UFOs. Case in point: a new trove of documents have been released which shed light on the Canadian government’s role in researching UFO phenomena. What will these add to the growing body of declassified UFO files?

Noted Canadian ufologist Chris Rutkowski uncovered the documents in Canada’s national archives and recently posted them to his blog Ufology Research. The 27 pages of documents detail six UFO cases recorded in 1967 and were prepared by Wing Commander Douglas Robertson. It is unknown to whom the documents were presented, though Rutkowski speculates it could have been for a newly-appointed Minister of Defence. Between 1966 and 1967, UFO reports went up by over 400% in Canada and several government departments began taking serious interest in these phenomena.

The documents ultimately breakdown numerous sightings and reports into seven categories: hoaxes, mass hysteria or psychological suggestion, misinterpretations of natural events, advanced or unknown military technology, and sightings likely due to psychological conditions. However, the report does list a category which includes truly anomalous sightings defined as “unusual sightings which the viewer is unable to identify or explain, namely, UFOs.” The document also contains references to various educational and medical institutions which aided the Ministry of Defence in debriefing, interviewing, and assessing witnesses.

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