New World of Artificial Intelligence

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What triggered this thought was a visit to an industrial factory last week.

We all know that something is happening. And everyone seems to agree that our future will be automated. But, we tend to believe that it will only — or mainly — affect repetitive “manual labor”.

Automation of “knowledge work” is not on many people’s agenda.

But, is this correct?

Or, is it a naïve view that will be detrimental to business and society?
The factory visit made me think about these issues and what “knowledge workers” — executives, managers, advertisers, lawyers, accountants, etc. — need to do to remain relevant in the coming new world.
The “Disappearance” of Manual Labour The visit was an eye-opening experience. I will not go into details, but the factory belongs to a well-known global brand that has a strong market position.the factory employed 2,700 people, mainly working on the production line. Today, that number is a little over 800.But the dramatic reduction in the number of employees was not the only difference from 12 years ago. The type of work has also completely changed.

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