New World of Artificial Intelligence

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Again, this will require a better understanding of new technologies.

For instance, social media and drones will provide new opportunities in marketing and business. Platform companies need very specific legal advice. Cyber security and privacy have to be understood with new technologies in mind.

In all of these examples, a premium will be on finding creative solutions. The application of past experience or established templates will be much less relevant.

#5 — Everyone Must Master the Art of Storytelling
Since the digital age is changing the way we work (both white collar and blue collar), it is necessary to prepare for the “automation revolution”.

The days of a settled and predictable career path and life-time employment are over. We have to constantly learn and position ourselves in a fast-changing market.

This can only be done through personal “branding” and “storytelling”.

Yet, What Still Worries Me 
I am not worried about a future in which AI and other emerging technologies are at the center of our lives.

Our ability to develop and then adapt to new technology is remarkable.

Within one generation, everyone has developed a “sixth sense” of being hooked to the screens of their smart phones without bumping into things or other people.

Most such changes seem to happen gradually and without us even noticing.

But, we need to do more to prepare ourselves and the next generation for the future. Particularly, training and education must change.

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