Records of Infamous Silpho Moor UFO Crash Found in Museum Archives

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Bomb squad technicians examining the object.

Despite the divided opinions in the documents, some ufologists believe these archival rechods vindicate claims that the Silpho Moor object could be the UK’s most significant UFO incident. Author and paranormal researcher Andy Roberts called the discovery of these documents “an amazing breakthrough,” claiming “it’s incredible to hear that all this time pieces of this mystery object have been sitting in a museum archive.” Sure, I guess. While these documents add some credibility to the story in general, they still don’t definitively explain what the Silpho Moor object could have been, where the object was for those six missing years, or what has happened to it ever since. What exactly fell on the moors in late 1957? Debris from a Russian satellite? New technology being tested at the nearby RAF base? Or a genuine alien artifact?

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