Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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Accounts of UFO encounters are inherently bizarre, and seem to cover a wide array of disparate unexplained phenomena associated with them. One very odd occurrence that seems to hang over some cases is instances of alleged teleportation of witnesses, sometimes individually and sometimes more than one person, as well as objects and even whole vehicles and their occupants. With regards to UFOs this is sometimes referred to as “teletransportation,” and it can happen instantaneously or over the course of minutes or even hours, all ending with the common factor of UFO witnesses being in one place one moment, and in another the next, often very far away from where they started and without any idea of how they have covered the distance, nor any memory of what has happened. It all sounds rather outlandish, and it is, but there are numerous reports of this happening, and it seems to be a recurring unusual characteristic in an already unusual field.

In September of 1979, the Richmond Virginia Times-Dispatchreported on the strange case of truck driver Harry Turner, who was driving to Fredericksburg from Winchester, Virginia, in the United States, when his car was without warning enveloped by a blindingly bright light, which he at first had taken to be the headlights of an incoming truck. His truck was then surrounded by a “palpably thick white light,” and he noticed that the steering wheel had taken on a life of its own, no longer under his control. Turner then found that his truck was actually floating over the landscape, and before he could adjust to this precarious new predicament he claims that the door was suddenly ripped open by an unknown invisible entity, as another seemed to scramble about on the roof of the vehicle. It was then that the creature at his door reached in to grab him in an iron grip.

Fortunately for Turner, he had been carrying with him a revolver, which he instinctively drew and fired wildly at where he perceived the mysterious unseen being to be, but this seemed to have little effect. That was when he says he blacked out completely, and the next thing he remembers is being in a warehouse parking lot in Fredericksburg, far from where he had last been. In his hand he still gripped the pistol, and there were spent shells littering the vehicle all about him. Bizarrely, it was 3 AM in the morning according to the warehouse clock, whereas his own watch read 11:17 PM, and as far as his truck’s odometer was concerned he had only traveled 17 miles, when the trip to Fredericksburg should have been more like 80.

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