Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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Nevertheless, the Vidal case continues to generate a fair amount of debate and discussion, it remains a classic case, and there are many who still think that it is a genuine event. Whether the case is real or not, one intriguing detail is the type of damage they supposedly found on their car, as if it had been subjected to some scorching heat, and this is a curious detailed in another bizarre case, in which one supposed UFO teleportation event seems to have apparently been stopped in the middle of the process. The witness claims that she had been driving through Chicago, Illinois, one evening in November of 2008 when she suddenly heard a series of loud thuds and bangs on her vehicle, as if someone were hammering at it from outside. These impacts became steadily stronger, to the point where some caused the whole car to shudder, with one particularly powerful tremor sending her into another lane.

When the incessant bangs stopped the understandably frightened woman pulled over to investigate any damage that had been caused to her car. Strangely, although there was no sign of dents or scratches that would have been caused by a collision or strike, the ides of the car looked as if they had been partially melted as if by an intense heat. It has been speculated that the woman had possibly been in the process of being sucked into some sort of portal, and the sounds that she had heard were perhaps it opening and closing around her, although why this all abruptly stopped is anyone’s guess.

Are any of these stories true, or are these hoaxes and tall tales? If they are genuine, then what is it that is happening to these people and who or what is behind it and for what purpose? Nobody knows. What we do know is that the UFO phenomenon is rife with the strange, the otherworldly, the surreal, and the downright insane, with seemingly no end to the wellspring of bizarreness that comes forth from it. With cases such as we have seen here we can add teleportation and teletransportation in some form or other to the long list of baffling details and clues already orbiting UFOs and their purported abilities, one more piece of weird to add to the considerable pile.

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