Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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Although his memory was hazy at first, Turner would later recount how he had been taken aboard a craft and encountered strange beings “dressed in white, like doctors, with white caps on their head,” which he believed to be “ultra-terrestrials,” more or less inter-dimensional beings. In later days he would report more oddities, such as being confronted by a band of six of the strange creatures, five of which he reportedly knocked to the ground in his fight against them. On another occasion, he says that he suddenly became soaking wet for no discernible reason at all. In the meantime, animals seemed to be uncomfortable around him, and he often had a ringing in his ears and suicidal thoughts. On one occasion he says that one of the creatures appeared there in his car with him as he drove along, which freaked him out and sent him into a mad dash that would culminate in him being pulled over and charged with two counts of reckless driving and two counts of failing to heed a siren and flashing lights. The alien was gone at this point. Turner has said of his thoughts on the matter thus:

Ever since it all began, I’ve just been sitting here going over and over it in my mind, trying to piece things back together. I’d feel pretty good if I could just figure out where I’ve been. Twenty years from now I’ll still probably never know what happened that night.

Also from 1978 is a perplexing case from the South American country of Chile, which involved two race car drivers named Miguel Angel Moya and Carlos Acevedo, during the first Rally de la Vuelta de America del Sur in September of that year, and which was printed by researcher Guillermo Roncorconi in UFO Press No. 9, October 1978. The drivers departed from the city of Buenos Aires on August 17, 1978, embarking on the first leg of their exhausting month-long rally, which would take them thousands of kilometers to Caracas Venezuela and back to where they had started.

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