Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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The car then shuddered violently as it descended to hit the road, and the almost unbearably bright light began to dim and dissipate as the object was witnessed to travel off into the distance, and it was said to look like “a cone of yellow light, but one that didn’t end in a tip.” When their eyes had adjusted to the sudden dark, they realized that they had been deposited on the shoulder of the road facing the opposite direction of where they had been headed when the whole strange incident had started. They then watched the curious light travel off to the West, and Miguel would say of it:

It might have measured some five meters at the base and two or three at the cusp, measuring some six or seven meters in height. The base lit the ground, although you really couldn’t see what it was lighting, that is to say, you couldn’t see through the light. A few seconds later, the light…how can I explain it? …retracted itself or drew up like a curtain, from bottom to top, and all that remained in view was an oval, whitish-yellow light that kept heading west until it vanished in the distance.

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