Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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The two shocked drivers reportedly sat there in awe and fear for a few minutes, trying to gather their wits about themselves, after which they went tearing off down Route 3 to get out of there as fast as they could. They would soon after reach a town called Pedro Luro, which was about 123 kilometers from where they had started and where the bizarreness would continue. Looking at the dashboard, they noticed that it said they had traveled just 52 kilometers from the city of Viedma to Puerto Luro, when in fact the actual distance it should have been was 127 kilometers. Somehow they had jumped a portion of that distance which had not registered on their vehicle. Even stranger still was that a look at a clock showed them that nearly 2 and a half hours had passed, when that journey should have only taken a little over an hour at the speeds they had been going, and adding to all of this it seemed that their backup gas tank was completely empty, despite the fact that they had just filled it up shortly before leaving Route 3. Although they at first thought about keeping the whole baffling event to themselves, they ended up going to the police with their story, after which it went on to become big news at the time.

Also from South America is a more recent case from May of 2017 in the location of the town of Hernandarias, in the province of Entre Rios, Argentina. According to the report, which was carried on Planeta UFO and CN Digital, a family gathered for dinner at their home on the night of May 22, 2017, and their 13-year old son was sent off on an errand to get something. The boy found that one of the doors was stuck, so another family member helped with trying to open it, but as he did this he allegedly turned around to find the boy was nowhere to be seen.

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