Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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This wasn’t really so weird at this point, as the adult figured he had just returned to the dinner table, but it would soon become apparent that he had not, and that no one had seen the boy since he had left. The concerned family began searching the whole property and the street outside, but there was no sign where he had gone. At this point, one of their cell phones rang and on the other end of the line was the missing boy, who sounded quite confused and purportedly told them that he was at a taxi stand but was not sure where it was or how he had gotten there.

When police were notified and finally located the boy, he was around a kilometer and a half away from the house. Questioning him did not do much good, as he seemed to have very little memory of what had happened to him after he had left the dinner table. All he could say was that he had seen a blinding light and heard a “snapping noise,” after which he had found himself suddenly and inexplicably at the taxi stand. The boy was found to be completely healthy and with no sign of any physical injuries, and no one else in the area seems to have witnessed the light he spoke of. The odd case has been investigated ever since, with some UFO researchers holding it up as a case of abduction, and some saying it is a case of spontaneous teleportation. UFO researcher Gustavo Fernández, who wrote of the event in an article entitled “Argentina: The Hernandarias Event – UFO Teleportation or Abduction,” which was translated to English by Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU), believes that it is the latter, saying of the case:

This then is the description of the facts – accepting its likelihood, ratified by Diego Wasinger, the local police chief – allows us to suppose the existence of another phenomenon, a parapsychological one with considerable background: teleportation. This is the name given to a spectacular but documented phenomenon consisting in the dematerialization of a person from a given location and their reappearance at another. Why speculate about an intervention by alien craft? This would be so if the protagonist had described having been taken into a spacecraft, or if other witnesses had seen this. But here, the youth only sees “a light” and this does not suffice to tag it as a UFO.

In fact, as I often say: we say a shining light behaving abnormally in the sky and we say: “Oh! a UFO!”. We see a bright light behaving strangely at a graveyard and we say: “Oh! It’s a ghost!”. The only certainty in both cases is that we have seen a light behaving oddly. The “explanation” is simply our own speculation.

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