Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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In another case, a man was driving along near Buenos Aires when he saw a strange purple light off in the distance, after which an unseasonable fog purportedly enveloped his vehicle. The next thing he knew he was lying on the ground in an unfamiliar location with his car nowhere to be seen. When he flagged down a passing vehicle he learned that he was in Salta, a full 1800 kilometers away from where he had been. His car would be found back where he had first seen the light, its engine still idling. UFO researcher Luis Burgos has said of Route 5 and its strange phenomena thus:

Route 5 and the communities located in the province of La Pampa are, without a doubt, prone to a variety of UFO experiences, of which teleportations are one of the most interesting episodes. One is atemporal teleportation, in which the protagonist takes minutes, even hours, in regaining awareness in a location far removed from the one he or she was in before. The other is instantaneous teleportation, which is the kind that usually occurs on Route 5 when drivers are not even aware that they have experienced the phenomenon, suddenly becoming aware when they see a mile marker or road sign that tells them they have traversed an unexpected distance in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of Argentina, one of the most bizarre, spectacular, and controversial cases of UFOs and teleportation ever comes from here. In May of 1968, a Dr. Geraldo Vidal and his wife Raffo de Vidal allegedly headed out from Buenos Aires on a trip to join a family gathering at the city of Chascomus, which lies around 120 kilometers away. After the get-together, they took a detour on the way back home, deciding they would visit some friends in the town of Maipu, lying around 150 kilometers from Chascomus. They would never arrive at their destination, no trace of their whereabouts could be found, and friends and family became increasingly worried. 48 hours after this mysterious disappearance, some friends were startled to receive a call from Dr. Vidal, but the really strange thing was that he was calling from the Argentinean consulate in Mexico City, some 6,400 km away.

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