Strange Cases of UFOs and Teleporting People

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When the Vidals were back in Argentina, a deeply strange story began to emerge as to why they had ended up so far away. Dr. Vidal would say that on the evening of their vanishing they had been driving along a lonely stretch of road when their vehicle had been inexplicably surrounded by a thick, white fog, and this would be the last thing they remembered before they woke up in the daytime on an unfamiliar rural road. Astonishingly, although they remembered nothing of how they had gotten there a look at a calendar showed them that a full 48 hours had passed. Physically they felt mostly fine, but they reported that their necks ached and they had perceived a certain heaviness throughout their bodies, as if they had slept too long.

Getting out of the car they discovered that the vehicle had strange scorch marks all down its sides, as if someone had taken a blowtorch to it, but the car otherwise worked fine. When they were able to ask some locals where they were, they were surprised and not a little unsettled to learn that they were actually now in Mexico, far from where they had just been, for them, moments before. Allegedly the Vidals drove over to Mexico City, where they explained the whole bizarre tale to a Rafael Lopez Pellegrini at the Argentine consulate. In an ominous turn of events, they were warned not to tell of what had happened to them to anyone, and their car was whisked away to the United States for analysis.

Despite this, the Vidal story was soon all over the news and it has gone on to become a classic, widely-known UFO case, reported on and written of countless times. Unfortunately, in later years the case has come under scrutiny as perhaps being a hoax. It turns out that not long before the strange incident an Argentinean science fiction film titled Che OVNI was in production. Directed by Anibal Uset, the film’s story of a couple who are teleported in their car displayed many of the same beats and details of the Vidal case, and even the car used in the film, a white Peugeot 403, is the same as the Vidals’.

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