Strange Tales From Secret Bases

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Had it fallen from an aircraft? Probably not! It’s a fact that unauthorized flights over Area 51, and in the immediate vicinity, are treated very seriously. Any such event over the base would have resulted in drastic (maybe even deadly…) action. And, of course, the base would likely have gone on lock-down. Even NASA’s astronauts have almost found themselves in trouble for photographing the facility from space.

The guy who shared the story with me said that the finding of the bike was a matter of deep concern: how had it got there? Where was the rider? Who was the rider? Why did the bike look like it had fallen from a great height? There were no answers. As a result, the investigation was finally closed down. Quiet and concerned discussion of the weird affair apparently continued for quite some time though, among those who had heard of it. The whole thing, the man told me, became a bit “of a legend.”

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