Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Care About JavaScript

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JavaScript is everywhere, and it’s become a necessity in creating an interactive experience. Users expect a webpage to flow, respond to them and even wow them. This is what JavaScript does. And it does it so well, that though there are different flavors of JavaScript, there are no replacements.

On a cold and rainy night at our Dallas campus, 35 aspiring developers gathered to discuss the rising success of JavaScript. Two industry thought leaders led the conversation: Tony Spiro, co-founder of Cosmic JS, and Kate Moczydlowski, an instructor at Coding Dojo.

For those who couldn’t join the discussion, we’re sharing the full presentation below. But we wanted to spend some time answering one key question: What makes JavaScript important?

Here are five reasons:

It’s everywhere. It’s seen adoption from large companies (think: LinkedIn, Google, Netflix) that not only decided to use JavaScript, but to rewrite their entire applications using it. This isn’t a tiny investment. It displays a great deal of trust and faith in a language to choose the risk of rewriting an application over using an existing one. These risks are being taken by industry giants, and for good reason.

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