UFO Expert Reveals Sinister Forces Behind His Retirement

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“UFO Became A Mum” (September 28, 1968): “A flying saucer which gave birth over Willenhall has been reported to the Unidentified Flying Object Information Centre of Mr. Brian Leathley-Andrew.

“Flying Saucers Not A Load of Tripe” (September 24, 1968): “Flying saucers were the greatest mystery of our time and should not be dismissed as a load of tripe, Mr Wilf Grunau told Nuneaton Rotary Club.

“Saucer Over City Say Women” (March 31, 1969): “Two Coventry women believe there may have been a flying saucer over the city during the weekend after they were woken by an ‘unearthly’ high-pitched whining accompanied by a glowing light.

Those were exciting times for the UFO watcher and local expert … until he realized his phone was tapped.

“Quite clearly, I had problems with phone tapping, bloody crude phone tapping. You could hear the click.”

Who was watching him? Leathley-Andrew says the wire-tapping and other strange incidents like the man with the orange face began just two days after he opened the Unidentified Flying Object Information Bureau and happened to other members of the group as well.

“All the lights in the house suddenly dimmed as though a huge electrical load had been put in the circuit. “This will happen once in a while normally, but it kept on happening. This is most unusual.”

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