UFO Expert Reveals Sinister Forces Behind His Retirement

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Indeed. Yet he continued on, until a sinister photograph of an alleged UFO was sent to him.

“One man sent me pictures of a UFO. It was the lid of exactly the same handcream my wife used. The jar was there on the table in front of me.”


In his “exit” interview with The Coventry Telegraph on December 3, 1968, Leathley-Andrew says he destroyed all of his personal records of the UFO sightings and closed the UFO group out of fear for his family’s safety. According to the article, the only records left are the archives of The Coventry Telegraph. Searches on the Internet turn up nothing on Leathley-Andrew nor his organization. While he doesn’t mention aliens, he does indicate that he believed many of the sightings were due to experimental research by the Government and possibly by the nearby Rolls Royce factory, maker of high-performance aircraft engines.

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