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Whatever you may think of new digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things, it cannot be ignored that they are changing the way we live and work.
But, how should we prepare for the “automation revolution”?

It’s happening all around us. Machines and intelligent systems are gradually taking over more and more routine tasks.

For the moment, these machines and systems are mainly designed to provide assistance for specific tasks in specific situations. They augment our intelligence and improve our skills.

Consider the automotive industry. Collision warning, automatic braking, lane departure warning and blind spot notification systems are standard features on many of today’s cars.Artificial intelligence and other digital systems do not only become more common, but they also become more accurate.For instance, artificial intelligence already outperforms human lawyers in reviewing and annotating standardized contracts.LawGeex Hits 94% Accuracy in Today, many of us in legal tech land are coming down from the excitement of the GLH2018, but, the world of legal And, there are of course plenty of more fascinating examples ranging from chat-bots in healthcare, data-analytics in agriculture, blockchain technology in the energy sector and robo-advisors in banking and finance.

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