Welcome to a World of Artificial Intelligence & Smart Machine

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These examples make it very clear that there is no turning back. We have to get used and prepared to living and working with smart and intelligent machines and systems.

Machines Will Only Become Smarter & More Autonomous

Preparing for the future will only become more crucial as machines become more advanced, connected and autonomous.

I don’t intend to make any predictions here, but I expect that the automation trend will only accelerate and that artificial intelligence will become the new normal.

The reasons for this are simple and straightforward.

  • The current digital technologies should not be looked at in isolation. The proliferation of IoT devices and sensors will lead to the availability of vast amounts of data, which will lead to smarter and more autonomous systems.

Clearly, we need artificial intelligence to make sense of the data.

  • Investments in AI related technologies are snowballing.

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