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5 reasons consumers will embrace artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Christmas 2017 was a busy one for retailers. During peak season, Amazon reported…www.weforum.org

I am a believer in digital technologies and tend to focus on the many advantages that it brings today and will continue to bring in the future.

Computers, algorithms and big data improves our health and help medical doctors make better diagnoses. Sensors, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence leads to more transparency and a level playing field in the global food supply chain. Digital technology makes travel safer and more efficient. It results in more convenience and increased productivity. It also helps us be more creative (because we have to rely less on hierarchies and centralized systems). Finally, it facilitates financial inclusion in emerging economies.

Yet, I also realize that smart and connected digital technologies will have numerous challenges that cannot be ignored.

Large scale unemployment among both manual and knowledge workers is often mentioned. The same goes for social inequality as a result of automation. The concepts of privacy, data protection and ownership all have to be rethought.

Opinion | The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence
Unlike the Industrial Revolution and the computer revolution, the A.I. revolution is not taking certain jobs
This will be even more important when the IoT economy really takes off.

Machines and devices will act, interact and transact more often. They will also share data. The last thing you want is for your personal data to be shared with a “bad actor device”.

We should therefore turn our attention to potential issues and threats (without stifling innovation in a digital age).

How to Deal with the Digital Threat

Here we could learn from what’s currently happening in the ICO market.

The ICO has become a creative and largely unregulated way for startups to raise money while at the same time bypassing the traditional route of venture capital and banks.

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